Are you a non-profit? Do you need help with mobile? Come see me.

Last night I followed a link to a non-profit on my phone, and it kinda made me sad. No, I won’t name names or anything, but my guess is that if you were to pick 3-4 of your favorite not-huge non-profits, and you went to their website on your phone, you’d probably see what I mean. A lot of non-profits could use a little help making their content easier consume on mobile devices (or easier to consume in general).

And I’m already doing this thing with Red Rover Open Device Lab where I’m working from locally owned bay area cafes on Wednesdays. It seems like it would be a good opportunity provide a little assistance for non-profits in this area.

So, I announce a little thing today to basically say “Come out wherever Red Rover ODL is, I’ll help you if I can.” I don’t know if it’s useful or not, but I know if I don’t make the offer, there’s know way to know who would accept.

So, here it is bay area non-profits: if it’s Wednesday I’m probably sitting in a cafe, and I’m willing to help you crack this particular nut.

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