A11YLint Brackets Extension – My Attempt At Realtime Accessibility Improvement

I do all my coding in Brackets – the open source HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor project started by Adobe.

One of the things I really like about Brackets is this integration they’ve done with JSLint – a tool that looks at your JavaScript while you’re writing it and tells you when you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t. JSLint can be a little over-strict sometimes, but using it has had the real benefit of forcing me to write cleaner and more consistent code.

I’ve had an idea kicking around for a little bit that plugging a linter for accessibility into Brackets might help me do the same thing when I’m writing HTML (which I don’t do that often). So this past weekend I sat down after talking the idea through with a couple people and banged something out.

The A11YLint Brackets Extension is available on Github, is MIT licensed, and may or may not be doing all the right things. I’d love it if you checked it out and gave me some feedback. I know it’s incomplete, but it’s a start.

Want to help, but don’t know where to start? Write me some failing tests – create an HTML page that fails a rule not currently covered by the A11YLint Brackets Extension and submit it. Or open a bug and describe the test.

Also – I don’t know what your development process is like, but while I was working on this project I decided to shoot some video along the way, and what came out the other end is this.

Questions, comments, etc – I’d love feedback on this.

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