So. Where Has He Been?

Obviously, things went a little stale.

I’ll try to explain.

Just about the time I got rolling over here, I experienced what could only be described as an upheaval in my personal life. One aspect of the upheaval was a relocation on the other side of the country to see my father for what would be the last four months of his life.

Moving that far from what had become my home meant I had to do something to keep in touch with my friends. Something meant Facebook. I’d never been a big user of it, but it was about the only place I could easily keep up with my friends.

For a while, I wrote pretty regular posts, keeping people in the loop for what was going on in my life and staying in touch and processing my grief out loud. When my father died, I stopped writing anything of real substance. There was too much at first, then there was too much to catch up on, then there didn’t seem to be a point. I stayed in the loop and kept an eye on what was going on with my friends, but my usage had changed.

As my usage of Facebook moved from journaling and staying in touch to idle consumption, I felt my time wasn’t being well spent.

So, I’ve scaled down my usage there, and hope to ramp up my writing here. Maybe it will have substance. Maybe it won’t. But for now, this is where you can find me. It posts into Facebook of course – I can’t ask everyone to meet me here. But at least this way my idle consumption is down.

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