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Belated SXSW Wrapup

In all the madness surrounding my venture out to SXSW, I didn’t really get a chance to post second impressions or a wrapup.  Better late than never, right?

All in all, the Adobe Shadow launch went great.  I was able to follow along on Twitter while the main presentation was going on, and reactions were very positive.  The same has been true since then.  Not that there aren’t detractors or people who want it to work differently.  But overall, people have been really happy with the product.  I can’t wait until we drop our first update.

SXSW as a whole has left a big blur in my memory.  There was so much to see that a lot of it ran together.  And I’m pretty sure that didn’t have so much to do with free drinks.  Having had some time to reflect, I think the main couple of things I took away from it were these two things:

1 – Have Some Semblance Of A Plan.

I should have scoped out the sessions a little better.  There were a couple I’m bummed that I missed, and a couple that I could have skipped.  If I’d done my homework, my session experience would have been a little better.

2 – Expect To Throw Out The Plan.

Rigid schedule?  Not so much.  If I hadn’t rolled with it, I wouldn’t have met some of the awesome people that I did.  So while I’d like to know ahead of time what my options are, I’m not going to break brain trying to come up with the perfect plan.  I’ll just throw it out when I meet interesting people anyway.

Overall, I really walked away with the feeling that there’s no reason I couldn’t be on a stage instead of in the audience at least once next year.  I’ll have to start honing my pitches for the frenzy come June.

All in all, you should go.  At least once, if you can.  See what people are talking about.  It might not be for you, but I think of it like most large events: you can have as good or as miserable of a time as you want to.  And me, I had an AWESOME time.

First Impressions of #SxSW, Austin and the Adobe Shadow launch.

I got the opportunity to go to SxSW for the launch of Adobe Shadow this year.  This was a whole bunch of first-times for me – the first time I’ve been to Austin, to SxSW, the first time I’ve been present for a big launch, the first time I’ve been involved in such a high profile way in a new product.  I wanted to write a blog post every day about how it was going, but it’s been pretty crazy.  Here’s a bunch of my early thoughts, in no particular order.

Austin looks much more like Ohio than I expected it to.

As crazy as I knew SxSW would be, it’s s much crazier.  In every sense of the word.

When they talk about Austin being theLive Music Capital of the World, they aren’t messing around.

There are some amazing things to be heard at this conference.  And there is a great deal of snake oil.

I would not want to come here to launch an indie game.

I have walked far more in the last few days than I expected to.

This is a cool town to run in.  But it is not flat.

There is such a thing as eating too much delicious meat in one day.

There are so many parties, and so many places to have parties.

Signal to noise is an issue.

Getting here early to pick up my pass saved me half a day of waiting in line.

I want to present here.  Next year.

I’ve heard at least two people mention in a talk concepts that I’m actively researching.

Everyone here wants something.  Coming in knowing what you want is important.

Texas Chili Parlor

Javascript has made a crazy comeback.  Everyone knows it, but it’s still a bit surprising.

Getting noticed here isn’t hard.  Getting noticed on a big scale must be.

SxSW is not a good venue to meet people in the morning.

Really nice boots are expensive.

It’s not always hot here.

Pack extra socks when it’s raining.

There are some amazing people here to be met.  You won’t meet them if you don’t say hi.

Don’t burn out too quickly.

Don’t count on free time.

I’ll post more when I can.  It’s been pretty busy here.